What is Shellac?

Shellac uses the same principle as a normal manicure, but last for 14days.  It goes on like polish and last like a gel.  Four coats are applied and cured after each application.  The polish is cured under UV lamps.  The lamps are low watt and filters out the most damaging rays.

Hand and Feet Treatment 

Shellac Nail Application



 Nail Polish      



(Excludes Cuticle tidy and shape)


Shellac Manicure



(Includes Soak, Cuticle tidy,  Shape & massage)


 Shellac Pedicure



(Includes Soak, Cuticle tidy, Shape & massage)


Removal of Shellac or other gels   



Rejuvenating Hand and Foot Treatment



This treatment is ideal for you if you love working in the garden, cleaning or just need your hands to look and feel  hydrated and soft.


(Includes soak, cuticle tidy and hydration, shape, massage and wax collagen rejuvenating treatment)