New Technology Available  for unwanted hair. 

Please ask about this when booking your appointment










Chin, Upper Lip, Under chin


Choose any of one of these areas  



Choose any two of these areas    



Choose any three of these areas 



Full face  



Half leg    



Full leg     



Full arm        



Half arm    






Bikini Line    



**Extended bikini  (G-string) 



*Brazilian – first time    



*Brazilian Rewax   



Full leg with Bikini     



Full leg with extended Bikini    



Half leg with Bikini       



Half leg with extended Bikini 



Half leg with u/arm       



Half leg with u/arm and Bikini    



Full Leg with u/arm



Full leg with u/arm and Bikini       



Full leg with u/arm and Brazilian    







*Brazilians Extended. (Please ask for price when booking your appointment)

**Price may vary depending on the extended area

Mens' waxing

 Available upon request.  (No Brazilians)